Belcourt Brosseau Metis Awards


The BBMA Fund provides awards so that Métis Albertans demonstrating financial need, commitment, and a desire to be gainfully employed can realize self-sufficiency through the advancement of their post-secondary education and skills development. 

Since 2001, the endowment Fund has provided awards totaling over $6 million to more than 1000 Alberta Métis students.

Awards are intended to assist recipients with essential costs such as tuition and fees, textbooks and supplies may be reimbursed if there is any of your award left. 

Approximately 140 awards are provided each year, most awards range between $2,000 and $10,000. Size and number of awards may vary.

The selection process is based on a holistic assessment of:
• Financial need
• Connection to the Métis community
• Career goals and likelihood of improved opportunities


Academic standing is not a primary factor in selection of recipients.  Priority is given to first year students, and many students have received awards in later or successive years.

In order to meet the criteria for an award, applicants must: 
• Be Métis
• Intend to pursue a program of study leading to a recognized licence, certificate, diploma, undergraduate or professional degree in Alberta 
• Be residents of Alberta 

Along with the completed online application students will be required to upload:
• Two current reference letters and a copy of their most recent transcripts  
• Proof of Métis heritage is only to be provided upon confirmation of an award

Please contact Theresa Majeran for more information, cell: 780-977-5515 to request a presentation. Or contact the Edmonton Community Foundation, 1-866-626-0015.

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