History in Brief

  • 1895 First Metis Settlement was established, St. Paul des Metis was formed by the federal government
  • 1905 St. Paul des Metis was terminated for public homesteading
  • 1932 Association des Metis D’Alberta et des Territories du Nord Quest formed by Metis leaders to lobby government on behalf of their people (name later changed to Metis Association of Alberta[MAA])
  • 1935 Ewing Commission funded by Alberta Government to investigate conditions of Alberta Metis in response to MAA’s requests for government intervention.
  • 1938 Population Betterment Act passed by Alberta Legislature, forming 12 Metis Settlements.
  • 1950′ s Four Settlements dissolved (Touchwood, Marlboro, Cold Lake and Wolf Lake)
  • May 20, 1975 the Alberta Federation of Metis Settlements (AFMS) became a registered society under the Societies Act of Alberta making the AFMS a legal entity.
  • 1982 MacEwan Committee formed to investigate situation of Metis Settlements; recommended that Metis be given more control over their destiny.
  • 1989 Metis Settlements Accord adopted: framework for land and self-government. Legislated package: Constitution of Alberta Amendment Act, Metis Settlements Land Protection Act, Metis Settlements Act, and Metis Settlements Accord Implementation Act.
  • 1990 Metis Settlements Legislation passed by Alberta Government on November 1. Federation of Metis Settlements officially becomes the Metis Settlements General Council.

The Fathers of the Federation

The Fathers of the Federation – Adrian Hope, Maurice L’Hirondelle, Lawrence Desjarlais, Sam Johnston and Richard Poitras – formed the Alberta Federation of Metis Settlements in 1975, creating a working relationship between the Alberta government and the Metis Settlements.

The relationship delved right into improving legislation and promoting self-government. Despite financial difficulties, the determination of their dream drove the Federation to press the Alberta government for funding and, more importantly, a voice for the Metis communities that were established in 1938.

Finally, in 1990, after several years of intense negotiating, the Federation realized their dream when the new Metis Settlements Accord was adopted and ratified by the province.Through the Accord, which provisioned land and self-government, the Metis Settlements General Council was born.

Thanks to the Fathers of the Federation who struggled in the past so our Metis Settlements can have a future.

For a detailed history of the Metis Settlements, please refer to the following document: