Gerald Cunningham – President

Formerly the Chairperson of East Prairie Metis Settlement, Gerald was elected President of the Metis Settlements General Council in April 2016. He previously served as President from 2007 to 2010 and was Vice President from 2004 to 2007.

Gerald is focused on renewing and redefining the relationship between the Metis Settlements and the Government of Canada. He has committed to engaging with the federal government in order to begin a process of negotiation that will create new opportunities for members of the Metis Settlements.

Darren Calliou – Vice President

Darren is a proud member of the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement. He is a successful small business owner who has been active in Metis politics his entire life. Darren’s primary areas of focus include infrastructure, consultation and housing.

Sherry Cunningham – Treasurer

Sherry hails from the Peavine Metis Settlement. She was first elected Treasure in 2013 and is now serving in her second term. Prior to being elected to the Executive, Sherry was an elected Councillor in Peavine and also served as the Settlement Administrator.

Dot Anderson – Elected Secretary

Dot is a proud member of the Gift Lake Metis Settlement and has a long history of service to MSGC and the Metis Settlements. Currently, Dot is working with the Metis Settlements Health Board to conclude a Settlement Health Assessment and engage the Government of Alberta on Metis Settlement health issues.