The Metis Settlements General Council is empowered to make Polices that are binding on the MSGC. All Policies:

  • Are developed in consultation with the Minister of Aboriginal Relations.
  • Have the same effect as Alberta law.
  • Are published in the Alberta Gazette the same way as are provincial regulations.

Below are PDF links to General Council Policies.

  1. Assessment and Levy Policy
  2. Business Activities Policy
  3. Business Property Contributions Policy
  4. Census Policy
  5. Census Amendment Policy
  6. Election Policy
  7. Financial Interest Policy
  8. Guarantees Policy
  9. Hunting Fishing and Trapping Policy
  10. Investment Policy
  11. Land Policy: Part One / Part Two
  12. Mineral Projects Policy
  13. Non-Renewable Surface Resources Policy
  14. Oil and Gas Resource Sharing Policy
  15. Public Utilities Policy
  16. Review Policy
  17. Timber Policy: Part One  / Part Two