Metis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives


August 10, 2017 – The Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards celebrate the hard work and determination of individuals of Aboriginal heritage who have embraced a renewed pursuit of learning. The awards are open to all Aboriginal Canadians who have been out of school for at least one year, who have since decided to return to an educational system, and who have been back at school for at least one full year.

The Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards are granted annually to select applicants from across the country, and recipients are awarded $1,000 in recognition for their efforts. These awards are just one way Canada Post celebrates diversity and proudly shows its commitment to making a difference in our communities.

Please click this link for all the details and forward on to those you feel will find this of value: Aboriginal Education Incentive Award


The Metis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives (‘MSSTI’) is a society formed by the Metis Settlements to provide training and educational opportunities to Metis Settlement Members. MSSTI assist our Members with entering or re-entering the workforce, retaining active employment, or enhancing their skills to advance in their chosen profession. Our top priority is to ensure that Settlement Members have meaningful opportunities for employment.



Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement
East Prairie Métis Settlement
Elizabeth Métis Settlement
Fishing Lake Métis Settlement
Gift Lake Métis Settlement
Kikino Métis Settlement
Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement
Peavine Métis Settlement


Métis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives Society (MSSTI)


  • Encourage and empower Settlements to identify, develop and meet the training and employment needs which will lead to sustainable employment and self-sufficiency for their members;
  • Develop community strategic plans to address identified training needs within each community and ensure that quality training initiatives are provided to meet those needs
  • Develop partnerships and between Settlements, education and training institutions and Industry to support effective delivery of education and training;
  • Provide financial resources to support training and employment initiatives;
  • Respect the diversity of each Settlement and other partner’s;
  • Ensure that accountability and evaluations of programs and services are met as set out in the Contribution Agreement;
  • Actively pursue partnerships and new resources that will meet individual and community training need.

MSSTI has a variety of programs, services and partnerships available to support Metis Settlement Members based on eligibility. Click here to learn who can apply

You can use our Career Investigation Form to help you determine the right career path for you. Click here for the 2017-2017 Career Investigation form

Once you are ready, you can apply to MSSTI for support. Click here for the 2017-2018 Application Form

Below you will find some useful information on programs and services available through the Metis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives.

Scholarships and Bursaries in Alberta

MSSTI Summer Youth Program

MSSTI Job Creation Partnerships

MSSTI Employment Assistance Services

MSSTI Self Employment Program

MSSTI Disability Supports

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the MSSTI Director, Dianne Desjarlais at:

Ph: (780) 822 4096  Email: